Ural Beauty - Long Braid 2017 / Уральская Краса - Длинная Коса 2017

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UBLB2017b Ekaterinburg, Russia

Imagine yourself watching 55 gorgeous girls and women aged 5 to 55 with long angel-like hair, some of them to their knees or longer, walking on stage in front of your very nose. Wearing long silk colourful dresses with beautiful flowerprint. Wouldn't that be heaven?

This was earthly reality on the 12th of June, already the 8th annual Ekaterinburg's famous long hair show. Together the participants had an astonishing hair length of 52 meters!
This time the place to be was not the usual Alatir shopping mall in the city centre, but on the upper floor of another huge shoebox-shaped building at an outskirt of the city and I figured that out just in time. So I went there by bus and, still having the Russian vocabulary of a three year old, I found that quite an achievement.

No parade this time of traditional sarafans, kokoshniks and other Russian folk clothing, or another attempt to break a hair-related record like a few years ago, but instead a slightly more conventional catwalk with girls showing the latest summer fashion. The revealing of their glorious manes was as always at the end and they traditionally wore their long dresses in the colours of the Russian flag.

After we all proudly sang the Russian national anthem, participants who made the most impression according to the judges, were awarded with prizes, like overall winner Alena Afandieva, who received a shopping session together with a stylist. There were prizes for 'Wise Beauty', the Thickest Hair and Longest Hair in each age category. More information about this can be found on the website of modelling agency Ekaterinburg Fashion. But as always, every contestant was a true winner and they all received presents from the sponsors.
Although the program becomes slightly predictable, it was an unforgettable event. The glass ceiling making the stage shine in natural daylight was a blessing for the photographers and the result of this can be seen below this article.



"The Hair Is The Richest
Ornament of Women"
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