Ural Beauty - Long Braid 2015/ Уральская Краса - Длинная Коса 2015

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Уральская Краса - Длинная Коса 2015 Ekaterinburg, Russia

The 'Ural beauty - long braid' competition, or in Russian: 'Уральская краса - длинная коса' is an annual long hair show held in shopping mall Alatir, Ekaterinburg on 12 June, the Day of Russia. An excellent day to show the world that wearing long hair is still Russia's symbol of feminine beauty despite the more comfortable short hair styles.

32 Participants were selected out of a group of more than 50 subscribers. Owner of the longest hair (138cm) and winner of the contest was the 33 year old Yekaterina Konovalova (Екатерина Коновалова).

It has to be said that for three years in a row this show has not change a bit and has become quite predictable. Not a single part in the show gave participants the opportunity to express their own personal style and skills. This year, unfortunately the contest of this highly acclaimed series lacked the enchantment, creativity and cheerfulness of the contest that we saw in 2012. It was more like a regular beauty contest than a long hair contest. To me, it has lost its title of 'Mother of all long hair contests'.



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