Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės 2017 / Long-Haired World 2017

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Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės 2017 / Long-Haired World 2017 Kaunas, Lithuania

The Žalgirio Sports Arena in Kaunas, usually a place where rough men come to see a boxing match, is once a year transformed into the beauty fair 'Women's World'. Four days long, women stroll around stalls with household products, every imaginable beauty stuff for skin and hair and to visit a variety of events, like the annual Long-Haired World contest.

This year, 172 girls and women in the age of two to 54 competed at one of the biggest events for long hair in the world, and strived for the title of the longest hair in Lithuania in their age category, to be officially registrated in the Lithuanian Book of Records.

National hair records were again broken in some age categories, like 13 year old Ieva, also the winner of last year's contest. With 146cm, she has the longest hair in Lithuania among girls of her age. Goda has officially the longest hair in Lithuania of all 8 year old girls and younger. Her hair measures 135cm and is almost down to her ankles! Or 4 year old Emma, with 80cm long hair! 

The audience was most impressed by the 7 year old triplets Darija, Gustaus en Esėja, all three with blonde hair to their knees, and by the 9 year old twins Skaistė and Emile, who won the photo competition with the most 'likes' on the Facebook page of this event!

Overall winner was 21 year old Sandra Grigonytė from Kaunas, with 166cm long dark brown hair. Four years ago, she also participated in the same contest, and became third with a hair length of 132cm.
She won an official invitation by the Lithuanian politician Rolandas Paksas, who was for two years president of Lithuania and mayor of Vilnius, to visit the European Parliament in Brussels. Other winners in their own age category received hair care products from Selective Professional and Insight and jewelry from Tibro. The younger girls were presented with Disney magazines.

It was again a fantastic event, unique in its kind, with many happy participants and some touching moments. The gathering of these girls shows us that long hair is still a feminine symbol of beauty in Lithuania. But it doesn't have to stop at the borders of the country. The organization has the ambitious aim to make it an international contest and is determined to find the holder of the longest hair in Europe and beyond.
So here's an announcement to all the girls and women who read this and think that they can beat the records of this competition: registrate early (at least a month before the date of the contest) by sending an email to and join next year's contest in Kaunas that will be held on the 11th of November!





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