Longest Hair Dnepropetrovsk 2016 / Самые Длинные Волосы Днепропетровск 2016

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Самые Длинные Волосы Днепропетроск 2016 Dnipro, Ukraine

The 'Contest of the Longest Hair in Dnepropetrovsk' (or in Russian: 'Конкурс на самые длинные волосы Днепропетровск') is the significant title for the contests of the longest hair in Dnepropetrovsk. An annual contest which is held for the fourth time in this lovely city located in the east of Ukraine.

The contest was, like many others, held in a Soviet-like shopping centre, usually a place where locals come to stare at the showcases of luxury fashion stores and admiring items that they can't afford. Luckily for some entertainment, there is always a cinema, some food courts and a stage for presenting long hair contests nearby.



"The Hair Is The Richest
Ornament of Women"
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