Ilgakasė Varėna 2014

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Ilgakasė Varėna 2014 Varėna, Lithuania

'Ilgakasė' is the title of long hair contests that are frequently held in different villages in Lithuania. This contest, organized every two years, is in Varena, a little village near the Belarusian border where you feel like being at the end of the universe.

Ilgakasė Varėna 2014 is the eighth beauty contest and popular as it has always been. The aim of contest was clearly to develop the participant's creativity, self-expresson and promote traditional Lithunian values. Hair length must not be shorter than 40cm but the length was not of great importance.

In the first part of the show, the 21 participants expressed themselves dressed as movie and fantasy characters and in the second part they showed their home made clothing and original hairstyles to closely match the theme: birthday celebration. Between the two parts of the contest, local dance groups filled the time in which the jury, a selected group of teachers, hair dressers and cultural workers, had a difficult time deciding what would be the best presentation, most original outfit, most elegant and who would be mrs. Ilgakasė 2014.

Most of the girls wore their hair wrapped up in buns and peculiar creations for the entire duration of the contest, so it was a bit of a disappointment that we were not able to see their hair lengths. But if  you enjoy the sight of original and stunning dresses and astonishing hairstyles that would not misstand on the catwalk in Milan, the pictures are worth presenting.



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