Ilgakasė Ukmergė 2008

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Ilgakasė Ukmergė 2008 Ukmergė, Lithuania

Ilgakasė is the title of long hair contests held in Lithuania. This contest was in Ukmergė, a little town north of the capital Vilnius. The contest was located in a little theater.

This year the contest was combined with a fashion show of popular dance and other performances. 9 Participants were jugded by their hair length, their artistic performances (dancing, singing, playing piano) and how they managed to shape their hair in remarkable constructions like a massive beehive or a tree. Among mostly short haired girls of the accompanying dance groups, there was one girl with knee length hair who didn't even take part in the contest. One of her friends used to walk behind her holding the end of her hair to keep it untangled!



"The Hair Is The Richest
Ornament of Women"
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