Ilgakasė Elektrenai 2012

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IE2012b1 Elektrenai, Lithuania

'Ilgakasė' is the title of long hair contests held in Lithuania. This annual contest is in Elektrenai, a little village not far from the capital Vilnius. The contest is held in the cultural centre of the town.

The 8th annual Ilgakasė competition in Elektrenai was held traditionally in the cultural centre of the town where 10 girls and a boy in the age of 5 - 16 participated. The program was pretty much the same as last year with hair measuring, showing hobbies like dancing, playing an instrument and crafts making and of course the part where they could show off there fabulous hairstyles and clothing.

The time between the acts was filled with a Moulin Rouge-like group that sang popular Lithuanian songs during the time between the acts and while the jury was having trouble deciding who would be the winner. Prizes were given to the participant with the most beautiful hair, most photogenic, longest hair and overall appearance.



"The Hair Is The Richest
Ornament of Women"
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