Your Uniqueness Rewarded!

We've now started our photo sessions and interviews across Europe and Russia with girls and women who have exceptionally long hair. Not as some kind of contest, but simply to keep Rapunzels Today an interesting place and to give an answer to the question how some of them manage to grow their hair to fairytale lengths!


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listbecome a model for rapunzels today if:

  • You have very long (at least down to the knees) and healthy hair
  • You are between 8 and 40 years old  (under the age of 18 we will need parental consent)
  • you live in Europe or the western part of Russia

 selectedyou will get:

  • a professional photo shoot on location
  • payed for your time and permission to publish the content
  • an opportinity to break through in the world of modelling by our publications and network
  • eternal glory on one of 's worlds most popular long hair sites :)

Please note that unfortunately we have a limited budget and time. Therefore, signing up does not guarantee a photoshoot, but we always answer your request. 

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"The Hair Is The Richest
Ornament of Women"
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