Poznań, Poland


Poznań is the country's fifth biggest city located in the western part of Poland in the district "Wielkopolska". Its historic town is a labyrinth of cobbly stoned streets wrapped around the old market, the medieval "Stary Rynek", a touristic centre with bars, cafes and restaurants with in the middle the impressive City Town Hall in Renaissance style. Just like other Polish cities as Warsaw and Krakow, many of these medieval houses in the centre are beautifully restored from demolition during WW2 which brings the ancient atmosphere to life.

Still some Sovjet architecture can be found, like the intense ugliness of the old railway station and some hotels where inside one feels like a prisoner in a KGB-department. But the precommunist concrete disappears rapidly and is now substituted by twenty first century structures of steel and glass.

In a city where one of the four citizens is a student, you've to do your best to get bored. In summer, there are many open air concerts, lots of cultural events and interesting sights and in summer an overdose of sunshine. To compensate this, there's also enough rain. The annual Warkocz Magdaleny festival is always held at the courtyard of a church that's on a very short walking distance from the Stary Rynek.

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