Kaunas, Lithuania


Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania and located approximately 100km west of Vilnius, the country's capital. If you love to relax in excellent hotels, empty your wallet in the shopping areas, stroll around a cobblestoned medieval city centre and admire beautifully restored baroque buildings, then you really should see Kaunas where you can have a pleasant stay practically all year round. A lot quieter than Vilnius, but being a student city certainly not a sleepy town. The city centre is situated between the Neris and the Nemunas, two rivers that rise in the Baltic Sea.

Kaunas' citizens are used to tourists and friendly to strangers. Most of them speak English quite well, which is exceptional in a Eastern European country. Kaunas is easily reached by bus or train from Vilnius and also has an airport.

The Žalgirio Arena where the contests are held, is the largest indoor sports arena in the Baltic States, a modern stucture of glass and steel situated just outside the centre. Once a year in November it's transformed into a woman's heaven: 'Moters Pasaulis', the annual beauty fair. 

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