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This is the top four of most asked questions. Only contact us if your question is not in this list :).

QHow do I participate in your contest?
A. Rapunzels Today does not organize contests, but if you want to take part in a particular annual contest presented on this website, I can provide you with information how and where to sign up.

QHow do I grow my hair longer and faster? 
A. We are no experts, but due to our work we get more insight in this topic, so in future we'd be able to give you more advice on this website.

QWhy are there only white girls on your page?
A. At Rapunzels Today, we don't care much about skin and hair color, age or shoe size. We'd love to have more variety on the website, but due to our budget we only publish contests within Europe. 

QCan you tell me the name of the person on this or that picture and her profile on social media?
A. We make exceptions for renowned media companies who request information for photoshoots, interviews, TV programs etc, but normally we don't. Just enjoy the photo or video and don't bother the girl.

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