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Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės Kaunas 2014 / Long-Haired World 2014

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

This wise quote from late fashion designer Coco Chanel must have been engraved into the minds of more than 60 girls and women from Lithuania, Russia and Belarus who are aware of the fact that their hair is part of their identity and cutting is definitely out of the question. Because only with tresses of a considerable length they were admitted to enter the contest Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės in Kaunas. This contest, held in the Žalgirio Arena just outside the old centre of Kaunas, was quite simular to the annual contests in the VCup store in Vilnius. Many girls participated in both contests. Not really a coincidence, as this show was also organized by modelling agency "Modeliai.lt" which has the ambition to stand out from the local Lithuanian Ilgakasės by giving this contest an international name: Long-Haired World 2014.


As I can recall, this was the first long hair contest to be held in this nice friendly town. A good thing to make this contest part of a four day beauty fair. It draws more attention to the show than the upper floor of some shopping mall. "Moters Pausalis" or in English "Woman's World" is a beauty fair in the largest indoor arena in the Baltic States. On the last day of this fair, a theater was reserved for the contest. The various programme consisted of measuring loose hair, braided hair length and thickness, an opportunity for the mothers to create the most beautiful hairdo for their daughters and of course the award ceremony. Between these activities, there were some singers, dancers and fashion models showing clothing from designers invited by agency Modeliai.

The holder of the longest hair wasn't really a surprise. It was obvious that 28 year old Julija Aleksejeva from Vilnius, who also won Ilgaplaukės 2014 in March had the longest hair, a stunning 150cm! More winners and hair lengths can be found in this Lithuanian article.

The contest wasn't in a way amazing that it draw staggering audience who set their eyes on floor length manes, but it was a most welcoming show where everyone seemed to have a good time and where the costumes and clothing from the participants and the fashion models were simply awesome. I'm sure that most of them have received many compliments about their hair this day so they will undoubtely let it grow longer for the next contest in Kaunas that will probably held next year.