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Ilgakasė Ukmergė 2011Ilgakasė is the title of long hair contests held in Lithuania. This contest was in Ukmergė, a little town north of the capital Vilnius. The contest is situated in a little theater.

This year, Ilgakasė in Ukmergė was again in the cultural centre of the town, but this time in a smaller hall. There was no technician, no lights, no special effects. But with a red carpet a catwalk was improvised, a lovely lady was presenting the show and all together it was a fascinating competition...

Of course, all passionate girls did their best to impress the jury and the audience, who were able to vote for their favourite girl, who was of course their own daughter. All home made costumes and hairstyles were shown at the second part of the show and they were quite original as one girl was wrapped up in a tutu dress made of folded newspapers and another contestant was wearing a dress made out of bubble foil.

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The first prize was traditionally a shiny new mountain bike but I did not understand why the second price was a figure shaped bunch of balloons. Hopefully this contest will continue next year. They certainly should attract more sponsors to keep the show interesting enough for more people than only the participant's parents.