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Ural Beauty - Long Braid 2012The 'Ural Beauty - Long Braid' competition, or in Russian: 'Уральская краса - длинная коса' is an annual long hair show held in Ekaterinburg on the Day of Russia (12 June) in one of the large shopping malls. An excellent day to show the world that wearing long hair is still Russia's symbol of feminine beauty!

Although this is only the third Ekaterinburg's contest in row, this famous show might already be considered as the most prominent long hair contest in Russia and beyond! A competition that is unique in its kind. The overall set up was smaller and more modest than previous years, but it was simply the most impressive and enchanting long hair contest in recent Russian history!

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The girls expressed themselves and impressed the jury by singing, showing off at the catwalk dressed in traditional Russian clothing, and demonstrating their sport performances, obviously to show that their hair does not have any limitations for them when it comes to an active sporting life.

Again a new national record was set. In 2011, participants and other long haired volunteers were braided together. A chain of braids was then measuring: 18,18m which was a national record. Until 12 June 2012, when 76 girls and women were again braided together and formed a chain of hair but to set a new record they were also asked to dance for 5 minutes clockwise and for 5 minutes the other way around on the Russian song: Ural Ryabinushka. Instead of dancing it was more moving slowly as the chain could break and everything would start all over again. For the attendance it was not more than 10 minutes, but for the girls who were all stuck together this dance took forever before they could happily untangle when the goal was reached. The record was confirmed by an official committee from the Russian Book of Records. The total length of the braid measured 32,76m, a prestigious record that is almost twice as long as last year's braid! A record the Russians can be proud of!

Prizes were given in the following categories: Longest hair, thickest hair, most internet votes on domprazdnika.ru. For a list of participants and winners of this contest, visit Ekbfashion's website.