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Rapunzels Today presents a selection of drawings, paintings and photos of the German artist and photographer Torsten Domula, whose characteristic drawings and paintings of girls with endlessly long braids had been his trademark for many years. He visited and partly organized long hair contests between 1995 to present in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. From 2004, this resulted in expositions in his hometown Leipzig with photos and artwork from Domula and Russian photographer Michail Romanjuk.

This gallery shows you some photographs of girls with extremely long hair, that were presented on the website 'www.ratsmaedel.de', launched in 2005. Among the long haired girls is Nina Zdrok, a woman with an incredible hair length of 192 cm who won the contest 'Ой не ріж косу, бо хорошая' (Eng: Please don´t cut Your plaits, Bella!) in Lviv, Ukraine in 2006.

Currently, Torsten Domula (Todo) is writing and illustrating two book projects with working titles: 'Aurosia-Karoliina in Oradest' (Illustration Roman) and 'Patrycja in Czenstochau' (Picture Book).

Torsten DomulaI draw and paint in this style since my childhood and not only because of the contests and my journeys to Ukraine, Russia and Poland that I visit since the '90s. For me, the most important Rapunzel contests are: Moscow 'Marya Belle - Long Braid', Poznan 'Warkocz Magdaleny' and Lviv 'Please don´t cut Your plaits, Bella!'
'www.ratsmaedel.de' is identical to my personal website: 'www.todo-works.de'. You can send requests for drawings or photos to my email address: torstendomula[at]yahoo.de!