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Rapunzels Today is a unique media project that promotes very long and healthy hair as one of the most important aspects of feminine beauty. This is achieved by publishing news about long hair events throughout Russia and Eastern Europe and to give girls and women with exceptionally long hair and aspirations in the world of modelling a stage and thereby inspire others worldwide to grow their hair and become real-life Rapunzels. 

Rapunzels Today's aim is not only to show the longest hair possible, but is showing you a variety of hairstyles, local fashion, original or traditional (often home-made) clothing and folk customes and gives you a fascinating glimpse into a country's culture.

Long hair contests are not only competitions where the person with the longest hair wins, but rather preserve the tradition of wearing long hair with fashion and talent shows. Prizes are also often rewarded to the participant with the thickest hair, the best performance or the audience favourite. With lots of presents from the sponsors, the organization always makes sure that every contestant returns home satisfied.
Most of these events are only promoted in the country they are held in. That's why Rapunzels Today gives them a broader international audience, because they deserve more attention from modelling agencies, fashion magazines and hair stylists.

"Since I quit my boring 9 to 5 job in my home country the Netherlands, travelling the world and creating amazing and beautiful content has become my work and passion. I took pictures of landscapes and wrote about outdoor adventures, but I soon learned that people are simply the most interesting and dynamic subject to make an interesting story. 

Years ago, I visited fabulous long hair contests in Poland and Lithuania and took a first step in promoting long female hair by publishing these events on a simple website. I can now proudly say that over the years, my photos and videos have been viewed, liked and shared by millions of people, thanks to those wonderful participants and models, who have grown their hair to fairytale lengths and inspired so many other girls and women worldwide!"

Mark - photographer, web developer
Content and privacy

Rapunzels Today has built an impeccable reputation for its strict policy of publishing photos and videos. People in the content are always presented at their best and their privacy is protected as much as possible. This means that we will never publish or give away any personal information, and of underage participants only first names are mentioned. If you see yourself appear in the photos or videos and you're not happy about it, then report this by sending an e-mail to: inforapunzelstoday.com or use the contact form

All content on this website is authentic and made with no other purpose than to share our love of long hair. No content is digitally modified and as far as we know, all hair is real! 

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Currently, Rapunzels Today is one the most popular long hair sites on the internet and is interested in all sorts of cooperations and partnerships, provided that they match our values. Please contact us if you want to work with us, or have additional questions about the project.


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"The Hair Is The Richest
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