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WM2015 thumbWarkocz Magdaleny is an annual festival organized at the end of July in the courtyard of a Jesuit church. It is located in the centre of Poznań, a nice tourist friendly town in the western part of Poland.

Main activities are the competition of the longest braid, the organ pipe blowing contest, brass bands and other entertainment for the whole family.

The contest "Warkocz Magdaleny", named after Maria Magdaleny who wore her hair in long braids (warkocz) is for girls and women of all ages. The most interesting part is when they get their hair done for the competition. Some of them have hair reaching down to the floor and it's getting longer every year!

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UBLB2015 thumbThe 'Ural beauty - long braid' competition, or in Russian: 'Уральская краса - длинная коса' is an annual long hair show held in shopping mall Alatir, Ekaterinburg on 12 June, the Day of Russia. An excellent day to show the world that wearing long hair is still Russia's symbol of feminine beauty despite the more comfortable short hair styles.

It's hard to say something new and uplifting about this year's contest held in Alatir, the large shopping mall in the centre of Ekaterinburg, Russia. 32 Participants were selected out of a group of more than 50 subscribers. Requirements to be chosen for the final show on June 12 are not quite clear to me. It seemed that hair length was not of great importance, or they weren't able to find models with mind-blowing tresses.


LHD2015 thumb The 'Contest of the Longest Hair in Dnepropetrovsk' (or in Russian: 'Конкурс на самые длинные волосы Днепропетровск') is the significant title for the contests of the longest hair in Dnepropetrovsk. An annual contest which is held for the third time in this lovely city. My visit to 'long hair heaven' Ukraine was a welcoming change to the regular competitions in Ekaterinburg and Poznań. The contest was, like many others, held in a Soviet-like shopping centre, usually a place where locals come to stare at the showcases of luxury fashion stores and admiring items that they can't afford. Luckily for some entertainment, there is always a cinema, some food courts and a stage for presenting long hair contests nearby.
30 Participants from Dnepropetrovsk in the age from six months (already 15cm long hair) to 39 years old competed in this contest. In age and gender was no limit, however (and not surprisingly) not a single man subscribed.

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IE2015 thumb2'Ilgakasė' is the title of long hair contests held in Lithuania. This annual contest is in Elektrenai, a little village between the capital Vilnius and Kaunas, the second city of Lithuania. The contest is held in the cultural centre of the town...

This year, the stage in the tiny cultural theater of Elektrenai was filled with 17 young girls who proudly showed their hair, ranging from waist to calf length, in front of an audience that mainly consisted of their family and some photographers. After some public rehearsals they were called on stage one by one with their hair in buns or braids and wearing some lovely skirts and dresses.


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Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės Kaunas 2014 / Long-Haired World 2014

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

This wise quote from late fashion designer Coco Chanel must have been engraved into the minds of more than 60 girls and women from Lithuania, Russia and Belarus who are aware of the fact that their hair is part of their identity and cutting is definitely out of the question. Because only with tresses of a considerable length they were admitted to enter the contest Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės in Kaunas. This contest, held in the Žalgirio Arena just outside the old centre of Kaunas, was quite simular to the annual contests in the VCup store in Vilnius. Many girls participated in both contests. Not really a coincidence, as this show was also organized by modelling agency "Modeliai.lt" which has the ambition to stand out from the local Lithuanian Ilgakasės by giving this contest an international name: Long-Haired World 2014.