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Long hair contest Ilgakasė Varena 2012'Ilgakasė' is the title of long hair contests that are frequently held in different villages in Lithuania. This contest, organized every two years, is in Varena, a little village south of the capital Vilnius.

What a spectacular beginning of this 7th Ilgakasė festival in Varėna! I could hardly believe that I was sitting in a small theater in a tiny seemingly insignificant village only a stone's throw away from the Belarusian border. But this contest is certainly one of the reasons to put this little village on the map.

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Ilgaplaukės 2012At the Cinderella Fashion and Beauty fair in Vilnius, a musty hall not bigger than an average living room was prepared for the contest "Ilgaplaukės 2012" that in English means something like 'Long haired 2012'. In this contest the winner was, how surprisingly, the girl with the longest hair.

The organisation was a disgrace, as the decoration consisted of wobbly removable screens, a stage lit by uninspiring TL light and every contestant was announced through a crappy sound installation with ear torturing introduction music. However, the highlights of this contest were the 29 participants showing their gorgeous hair, the models showing the latest trends in Lithuanian clothing fashion and the lovely girl that presented the show. Eventually this made it all worth while. Hair length of the winners and more photos can be seen on the official site. And at the end of the show the carpet was getting removed while I was standing on it and chairs were taken away while the show was still going on, apparently preparing for some other event.

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Warkocz Magdaleny 2011Warkocz Magdaleny is an annual festival organized at the end of July in the courtyard of a Jesuit church. It is located in the centre of Poznań, a nice tourist friendly town in the western part of Poland.

On Sunday the 24th of July, the courtyard of the parish church near the touristic main square of Poznań was once again the centre of joyful entertainment for every family member. Every year, more and more participants are welcomed by the festival organizers. This time, 123 proud long haired girls and women of all ages were invited to show and compare their crowning glory...

A lot of local and also international press was crawling around the hair brushing and braiding activities, since the hair lengths of most girls were as always quite impressive. Winner of the contest was Iwona Pufahl, who also won last year's competition. Her braid measured 155cm!

The competition for the longest braid is just one the many activities. On the main stage, the audience enjoyed a contest in imitating animal sounds, blowing the organ pipe, a magician and of course the inevitable lotery that traditionally last for the rest of the evening. In short, it was a day of pleasure for everyone in a cosy and informal atmosphere with the best weather we could wish for.

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Уральская краса - длинная коса / Ural Beauty - Long Braid 2011The 'Ural beauty - long braid' competition, or in Russian: 'Уральская краса - длинная коса' is an annual long hair show held in Ekaterinburg on the Day of Russia (12 June) in one of the large shopping malls. An excellent day to show the world that wearing long hair is still Russia's symbol of feminine beauty despite the more comfortable short hair styles.

This year, 26 girls were elected out of 50 subscribers for the final contest. The show started with the presentation on the catwalk in traditional Russian clothing and their hair in braids and artistic updos. In the next part of the show, the girls were walking in a procession on the catwalk in blue and red dresses and revealed their...

full hair length! After a short break we witnessed a new nation record of the longest braid of human hair ever made in Russia. All girls were standing behind each other, ordered from old to young while their hair was braided together. The poor girls were stuck on each other for at least half an hour, before the jury was convinced that it was indeed one long braid. It measured 18,18m, a new record!

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Ilgakasė Ukmergė 2011Ilgakasė is the title of long hair contests held in Lithuania. This contest was in Ukmergė, a little town north of the capital Vilnius. The contest is situated in a little theater.

This year, Ilgakasė in Ukmergė was again in the cultural centre of the town, but this time in a smaller hall. There was no technician, no lights, no special effects. But with a red carpet a catwalk was improvised, a lovely lady was presenting the show and all together it was a fascinating competition...

Of course, all passionate girls did their best to impress the jury and the audience, who were able to vote for their favourite girl, who was of course their own daughter. All home made costumes and hairstyles were shown at the second part of the show and they were quite original as one girl was wrapped up in a tutu dress made of folded newspapers and another contestant was wearing a dress made out of bubble foil.

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