Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės 2017 / Long-Haired World 2017 Kaunas, Lithuania

The Žalgirio Sports Arena in Kaunas, usually a place where rough men come to see a boxing match, is once a year transformed into the beauty fair 'Women's World'. Four days long, women stroll around stalls with household products, every imaginable beauty stuff for skin and hair and to visit a variety of events, like the annual Long-Haired World contest.

This year, 172 girls and women in the age of two to 54 competed at one of the biggest events for long hair in the world, and strived for the title of the longest hair in Lithuania in their age category, to be officially registrated in the Lithuanian Book of Records.

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Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės 2015  Kaunas, Lithuania

The tradition of searching for Lithuania's longest hair continues in the impressive Žalgirio Arena in Kaunas on the fourth and last day of the beauty fair: "Moters pasaulis". 71 Girls, 1 to 30 years old, and most of them with hair probably never touched by scissors, gathered together in the small amfitheater inside the arena. A contest that was mainly attended by the girls' parents, photographers, and some curious passers-by who were strolling around the fair and stopped to have a closer look. 

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Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės 2014 Kaunas, Lithuania

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

This wise quote from late fashion designer Coco Chanel must have been engraved into the minds of more than 60 girls and women from Lithuania, Russia and Belarus who are aware of the fact that their hair is part of their identity and cutting is definitely out of the question. Because only with tresses of a considerable length they were admitted to enter the contest Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės in Kaunas.

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"The Hair Is The Richest
Ornament of Women"
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