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The tradition of searching for Lithuania's longest hair continues in the Žalgirio Arena in Kaunas on the last day of the beauty fair: "Moters pasaulis" (eng. woman's world).
This year, 133 girls, aged 2 till 36 years old were about to walk down the catwalk, show off their lengthy manes and get it measured. The organization literally had their hands full of hair this day and with so many contestants, it was bound to be an official Lithuanian record. Never before so many long haired girls joined one single event. Their hair was simply astonishing, as many of them has grown their hair below their knees, even the little ones.

Apart from the hair measuring, there was a variety of other entertainment. Dancing, modelling the latest winter fashion, and a hair styling show. Practically never a dull moment.
All girls wore dresses made of linen, a beautiful and versatile fabric, which was more or less the dresscode. At this contest it looks like long hair is back into fashion again, but on the streets it's still an extreme rare sight! The organization did a great job, bringing all those proud long haired girls from all over Lithuania together to show that there is much hope for the future. Winners were there in each age category, whose hair lengths beat the records of last year, but the true winner was a 12 year old girl with a spectacular hair length of 1,40m! An article about this in Lithuanian can be found on the website www.modeliai.lt