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Warkocz Magdaleny 2012Warkocz Magdaleny is an annual festival organized at the end of July in the courtyard of a Jesuit church. It is located in the centre of Poznań, a nice tourist friendly town in the western part of Poland.

The last two years, Ywona Pufahl won the contest in the age category of 15 to 100 years old, but she was this year in hair length beaten by Alicja Malewska, a 33 year old woman with a braid measuring an unbelievable 166cm! As a trophy she received a massive wooden comb that she can hang above the fireplace and proudly look at it everyday. Alicja Melewska, who teaches English, lives in the Eastern side of Poland far away from this contest. But when she accidentally saw the announcement of this festival while visiting Poznań she realised that she might have a chance to win, so she decided to take part in the contest.

For more photos and names of winners, I refer to this link!

Like each year, the two party tents used for the combing, braided and measuring activities were way too small for the participants, their family, the hairdressers, photographers and all other attendance, especially when it started to rain and everyone on the courtyard used the tents as a shelter. So we stood there shoulder to shoulder as if we were waiting for the bus to appear. This might be a point of improvement for next year.

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