Your Uniqueness Gets Rewarded!


"How do I grow my hair as long as the girls who participate in the contests?"

This is the question we hear most. So how about asking the fortunate ones who already have grown their hair to a fairytale length to share some of their secrets?  

That's why we've started a program to interview girls and women with very long hair and to portray them on the portrait page of this website and our social media channels. Currently we're doing photo shoots in Eastern Europe and the western part of Russia. Sign up now, as places are limited! 

listSign up for casting by filling the form below if:
  • you have very long (at least 100cm or knee length) and healthy hair
  • you are between 8 and 40 years old  (under the age of 18 we will need parental consent)
  • you live in Eastern Europe or the western part of Russia
selectedIf you've been selected for our program you wil get:
  • an interview and professional photo shoot on location
  • payed for your time and permission to publish the content
  • an opportinity to break through in the world of modelling by our publications and network

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