About Rapunzels Today

AboutRTRapunzels Today is a unique media project that promotes very long and healthy hair as one of the most important aspects of feminine beauty. This is achieved by publishing news about long hair events throughout Russia and Eastern Europe and to give girls and women with exceptionally long hair and aspirations in the world of modelling a stage and thereby inspire others worldwide to grow their hair to fairytale lengths. 

Long hair contests are not only competitions where the person with the longest hair wins. In a broader perspective, long hair contests have the aim to preserve the tradition of wearing long hair with fashion and talent shows. Prizes are often given to the participant with the thickest hair, the best performance or the audience favourite. With lots of presents from the sponsors, the organization always makes sure that every contestant returns home satisfied.
Because these are local events and only announced in the country they are held in, Rapunzels Today gives them a broader international audience, because they deserve more attention from modelling agencies, fashion magazines and hair stylists.

Rapunzels Today's aim is not only to show the longest hair possible, but is showcasing a variety of hairstyles, local fashion, original or traditional (often home-made) clothing and folk customes and gives you a fascinating glimpse into a country's culture.

Content and privacy

Over the years, Rapunzels Today has built an impeccable reputation by maintaining a strict policy for publishing photos and videos. People in the content are always presented at their best and their privacy is protected as much as possible. This means that we will never publish or give away any personal information whatsoever and of underage participants only first names are mentioned.
If you see yourself appear in the photos or videos and you're not happy about it, then report this by sending an e-mail to: inforapunzelstoday.com or use the contact form.

Write something nice!

You may leave comments on the Facebook page, Youtube channel and Instagram account. Add positivity to the world and respect the people displayed in the content. Explicit sexual remarks, unacceptable comments about hair cutting, any negativity regarding long hair, spam, advertising and anything else considered inappropriate will be removed and may result in a blocked IP or a ban of the account.


All watermarked photos and videos on this site are officially copyrighted and thus may not be distributed on other media. Content published on Facebook and Instagram can be distributed freely without consent on social media for non-commercial purposes ONLY, provided that the image is not modified and that the credits go to Rapunzels Today. 

Free advertising for contest sponsors

Currently, Rapunzels Today is one the most popular long hair sites with an average of 6000 visitors per month. The majority of visitors is from the USA, India and Russia, which makes it an interesting opportunity for contest sponsors to have their banner or logo on the "additional information" page. Please contact us here for business enquiries.